If you're thinking about filling out an application to join our Pro Staff, you should be doing so because you love fishing our products and don't want to hit the water without them. Period. If this isn't you, you need not apply.


KMDA, Inc. is always looking for quality minded anglers, who fish our products as their go to tools and baits. This opportunity for Pro Staff is for tournament anglers at all levels, guides and hardcore fishing enthusiasts that understand that there is a lot more to a Pro Staff position than just sporting a logo. If you're confident in your abilities to help us promote, then fill out an application. 


All of our applications are now being handled through NationalProStaff.com. You must apply for a position with KMDA’s various brands via their website. 

Click either of these links to apply.  
*All our Pros get benefits of all our product lines.  

Croxton Ice/Lakco Ambassadors

Baker Lures Pro Staff